Results from the West Island Karate Championship

This past weekend IFK Canada Kyokushin dojo’s from Quebec participated in the 16th edition of the West Island Karate Championship. The tournament was for karateka under 14 years of age exclusively (specifically 4 to 13 years old on the date of our tournament). This format is known as U14. There were divisions in both kata and kumite. The purpose of this tournament was to create a tournament which is dedicated to competitors UNDER 14 (U14). The host, West Island Karate, a member of Shinkyokushin Canada, want to foster the implementation of a new tournament system which prepares younger students in stages for international level competition. “By following the Japanese and European tournament

Message from IFK Canada President

Dear respected IFK Canada members, As we begin the New Year, I want to thank everyone for the commitment and contributions in IFK Canada Kyokushin Organization. Though we have not been around long, the excitement and enthusiasm can be felt! We recently democratically elected the IFK Canada Kyokushin board members and we outlined a plan that we will start implementing this year. I have an immense respect and admiration for all our board members who dedicated their own time and resources to make founding IFK Canada a reality. The board of directors, begun organizing our summer camp, started preparing for the tournaments, and this is only the beginning! Many new and exciting events are ahead o

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