Shihan Mike Monaco at Karate Laval

Shihan Mike Monaco 7 Dan, USA representative for the IFK and regional director for the IFK Americas, has visited Karate Laval Dojo, Sensei Jonathan C. Hemond in Laval QC ,,Thank you Shihan Mike Monaco for teaching us your wealth of knowledge and your passion of kyokushin to all of us. What a great experience and it was so meaningful for everyone to have the honor to be a part of our big IFK kyokushin family. Osu! ,, Sensei Jonathan C. Hemond 3 Dan Karate Laval


Members from the Headquarters participated at the 2018 Gold Cup - Kyokushin Karate Competition in Montreal, QC - 450 participants from more than 40 dojos. This year we had a great team - probably one of the biggest team and the results were great also! - Quinlan 1st Place Kata - Tony 1st Place Kata - Sophie 1st Place Kumite - Ilyia 1st Place Kumite - Maaris 1st Place Kumite - Andrew 1st Place Kumite - Kyla 2nd Place Kata - Connor 2nd Place Kata - Mihai 2nd Place Kumite - Tony 2nd place Kumite - Pavel 2nd Place Kumite - Melina 3rd Place Kumite Great work everyone! Osu!

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