2018 IFK Canada Karate Kyokushin Seminar

August 24-26, IFK Canada Headquarters - Contact Kicks Dojo, hosted a seminar with world champion Sensei Darren Stringer 4th Dan, of England, UK. Sensei Darren Stringer is considered an “all rounder”. He is at home performing in Kata competitions as he is fighting in Full-contact Knockdown tournaments. ​ Kata Competitions 2010 British Individual Kata – 1st Place 2010 IFK 3rd World Kata Championships – Switzerland- 1st Place 2014 IFK World Kata Tournament – 1st place Knockdown Competitions 2011 Rengokai European Knockdown Championships -1st Place LW 2013 IFK World Knockdown Tournament – 3rd Place 2014 Rengokai European Knockdown tournament – 1st place We were joined by karateka from Quebec, IF

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