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1st Annual Technical Seminar

The 1st Annual Technical Seminar for IFK Canada in Laval , Quebec was held this past weekend organized and hosted by Karate Laval , Senseï Jonathan C. Hemond . The weather did not cooperate , we had a snow storm the day before the seminar and the day of the seminar was a cold and rainy weather , reason why some students could not make it, including the dojo from Magog, QC Sensei Jennefer Lacroix. However, despite this we had about 45 participants and we had a great time. Every student worked hard and showed amazing focus and commitment. It was a great pleasure to meet everyone and I am very confident that the next IFK Canada seminars will be even bigger and better ! I want to give a special thank you to Senseï Jonathan C. Hemond for his work on organizing the seminar and offering his house for my stay during the whole weekend . Thank you also to Natália Aragao for the hospitality and also for taking great photos at the seminar . I am gratefull and honored that I was invited and I hope that all participants had a good time and learned valuable lessons ! Thank you very much everyone ! Sensei Steve. Osu !

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