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2016 Budo Giant Challenge

CKMA dojo Toronto under Sensei Steve Fogarasi participated with a team at the 2016 Budo Giant Challenge - Kyokushin Tournament in Montreal.

All competitors placed well in the semi-knock down divisions and the one match fight.

Results are :

- Amir Bahmeyeh 1st Full-contact one match fight

- Krispin Solivio 1st semi-knockdown

- Scott Heaney 2nd semi-knockdown

- Ameer Saleh 2nd semi-knockdown

- Mihai Iacob 2nd semi-knockdown

- Jessica DeLazzari 2nd semi-knockdown

Karate Laval dojo under Sensei Jonathan Hemond was also present with a team and represented well IFK Canada with Jojo Imonti winning 1st place in the men's semi-knockdown division. Team coach was Sempai Sebastien Grignon.

Sensei Jonathan Hemond and Sensei Mikhail Zimmerman were also officials at this edition of the Budo Giant.

Great work Team IFK Canada !

Osu !

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