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Results from the West Island Karate Championship

This past weekend IFK Canada Kyokushin dojo’s from Quebec participated in the 16th edition of the West Island Karate Championship. The tournament was for karateka under 14 years of age exclusively (specifically 4 to 13 years old on the date of our tournament). This format is known as U14. There were divisions in both kata and kumite. The purpose of this tournament was to create a tournament which is dedicated to competitors UNDER 14 (U14). The host, West Island Karate, a member of Shinkyokushin Canada, want to foster the implementation of a new tournament system which prepares younger students in stages for international level competition.

“By following the Japanese and European tournament models, young karateka can be gradually introduced to tournaments which require increasing levels of contact and intensity. The purpose is to eventually narrow the wide gap which currently exists between the full contact and knockdown levels. Consequently when the time comes for a student to make that jump, he/she will simply be moving up another smaller level, instead of being forced to make a huge leap that discourages our young fighters from competing at knockdown tournaments.” - John Kalaidopoulos, Tournament Director

We are proud to congratulate the performance of the IFK Canada Youth Team, comprising of students, age 5 to 13, under Senseï Jonathan Hemond (Karaté Laval) and Senseï Mikhail Zimerman. Results: Zimerman Dojo

Eldar Jafarov - 2nd in kata Abdoulla Merhaydar - 3rd in kata and 1st in kumite Yaroslav Kouznetsov - 2nd in kata and 2nd in kumite

Karaté Laval

Kata: Pier-Olivier: 3rd Léa: 2nd Félix: 3rd Cláudio: 3rd Ann-laure: 1st

Kumite: Alex Magher: 1st Pier-Olivier: 2nd Heidy: 1st Félix: 1st Ann-laure: 1st Oscar: 1st

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