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5th IFK World Tournament

IFK Canada was present at the 5th IFK World Tournament in Romania, May 27-28 with a team of four officials: Sensei Steve Fogarasi - Country Representative, Sensei Jonathan C. Hemond - Judge, Sempai Pascal Hemond - Judge, Sempai Mici Fogarasi - Judge.

Team IFK Canada with Hanshi Steve Arneil 10th Dan - President of IFK.

It was a very high level and well represented World Tournament with 40 countries and 400 competitors.

Unfortunately at this edition, IFK Canada did not have a competition team, but we are working hard to build a great team for future international tournaments.

Sensei Jonathan C. Hemond represented our team as an official judge and he was awarded with a Judge Certificate at the end of the competition.

We have learned a lot even just by being present and we will use this to build and organize future events in Canada.

We would like to congratulate the organizers for such a great event and in special Sensei Christian Hirsch the Country Representative for Romania for his hard work.

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