27th Annual American International Karate Championships

On October 7th, members of IFK Canada traveled to New York to participate and compete in the 27th annual North American International IFK USA Championships.

It was an honour to have participated in this great seminar with the greatest Hanshi Albert Mady and Sensei Chucky Mady. You have great spirit !! Osu !!

I would like to congratulate the entire team of Karaté Laval for their first participation in the 27th annual North American International IFK USA Championship.

Bravo for your performances and for your fighting. The spirit of our young generation was at it's best, concentration, rigor and fury to defeat were at the rendezvous !!

Our kumite results: - Karim Abdellaha 6 years - 2nd place (1st experience) - Pier-Olivier 7 years - 2nd place - Heidy Chartier 12 years - 1st place - Anou Germain 12 years old fought in two categories including 1st place and 3rd place. [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]

For my part, I placed 4th for my performance in Kata - Seienshin !! Thanks to the parents for their support and to have encouraged the team. Thanks to your presence, you help build a motivated succession team and allow them to surpass themselves !! [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]Congratulations to kohai Natália Aragao for her outstanding coaching to the team and to having accompanied the parents throughout the process. I would also like to acknowledge the proud collaboration of Shihan Louise André Lafond with us. This spirit of team and solidarity deserves to be underlined worthily !!

A big thank you to Senpai Enzo Rossi for having accompanied us. This gesture was more than appreciated. Osu !!

Osu !! Senseï Jonathan Hémond Vice President, IFK Canada

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