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On the Road with our VP!

2017 has been a busy year for IFK Canada Vice President Senseï Jonathan C. Hemond.

As an ambassador of IFK Canada and Kyokushin, Senseï Jonathan has traveled to the 5th IFK World Tournament in Romania, where he was an official judge and was awarded with a Judge Certificate at the end of the competition.

Senpai Mici Fogarasi, Sensei Steve Fogarasi, Hanshi Steve Arneil, Sensei Jonathan, Senpai Pascal

Senpai Mici Fogarasi, Sensei Steve Fogarasi, Hanshi Steve Arneil, Sensei Jonathan Hemond, Senpai Pascal Hemond​

After returning to Canada, Senseï Jonathan once again hit the road. On October 7th, along with members of IFK Canada, he traveled to New York to participate and compete in the 27th annual North American International IFK USA Championships.

A week later he was on the road again, this time to São Paulo, Brazil, for the 1st South American championship. As a guest referee of the tournament he was greeted and shown great hospitality by our extended IFK family of South America.

In September he journeyed to the UK for 41st British Open/ 9th Cup of Europe 2017, and participated as a Corner Judge. This iconic event is one of the most long standing knockdown tournaments in the world. As well as training with Shihan David Pickthall at Crawley Dojo and receiving his official IFK International Judge Certification from Shihan Alex Kerrigan and Shihan Liam Keaveney.

Just this past week Senseï Jonathan was a referee and competed at the 6th edition of Quebec championship, with Senseï Jonathan Ouellet, and won 1st place in Kata - Black Belt Devision.

Video here:

Next on the agenda will be a seminar in Rimouski, Quebec.

IFK Canada continues to grow, with dojos and instructors joining the fold and we thank Senseï Jonathan for his part in this growth and for being an outstanding ambassador on behalf of our Country Representative and President, Sensei Steve Fogarasi, and all of IFK Canada!


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