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2017 Breaking Seminar

Nov 5th Contact Kicks Martial Arts, the Honbu Dojo for IFK Canada, held it’s second breaking (Tameshiwari in Japanese) seminar, under Sensei Steve Fogarasi.

Tameshiwari, the act of breaking (ice, wood, bricks, concrete, roof tiles, etc.) is something many recognize as Karate. Made most famous by Kyokushin Karate (full contact Karate).

Tameshiwari is not just “breaking”. It is a way to confirm your technique and power, without hurting someone, and a tool to overcome mental barriers. It is as much about the mind, as it is about the physical.

Popularized by the founder of Kyokushin Karate, Masutatsu ‘Mas’ Oyama, it is a test of willpower, physical strength, technique, and mental focus more than anything else.

No other area of the martial arts do you get such a direct measurement of your mental power, your full commitment, as in tameshiwari.

Tameshiwari is all about having the mentality and spirit to commit to your strike, not allowing doubt to enter your mind. So for this reason, it is a great tool for building confidence.

This year’s seminar was no exception. Students of all ages took part in the event, and young and old alike took on the challenge. The focus was on Seiken, Shuto, Hiji and Kakato, techniques used in high level kumite tournaments. Everyone left feeling more confident in their abilities and with the knowledge of where they need to improve their techniques.

Sensei Steve Fogarasi gave great explanations and examples of the how and why, plus demonstrating his own great Tameshiwari.

Overall it was a great event and left people looking forward to the next.


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