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Members from the Headquarters participated at the 2018 Gold Cup - Kyokushin Karate Competition in Montreal, QC - 450 participants from more than 40 dojos.

This year we had a great team - probably one of the biggest team and the results were great also!

- Quinlan 1st Place Kata

- Tony 1st Place Kata

- Sophie 1st Place Kumite

- Ilyia 1st Place Kumite

- Maaris 1st Place Kumite

- Andrew 1st Place Kumite

- Kyla 2nd Place Kata

- Connor 2nd Place Kata

- Mihai 2nd Place Kumite

- Tony 2nd place Kumite

- Pavel 2nd Place Kumite

- Melina 3rd Place Kumite

Great work everyone!


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