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Official IFK Certificates for Shihan Gaëtan Sauvé and Shihan Réal Gagnon

During the 3rd kyokushin - Brazilian seminar with Sensei Jeovaldo Barreto (multiple knockdown champion) - 4th dan CR IFK Brazil, which took place May 18th to 20th 2018, we took the opportunity to highlight the incredible journey of two karatekas who became the mainstay of kyokushin in Quebec.

They have more than 45 years of experience in kyokushin. Their achievements are distinguished through their teaching, their innumerable competitions both in kumite and kata, their involvement with the Federation in all areas, their many years (over 30 years) involvement in competitions - regional, national and international levels up to the highest level. Moreover, we can not ignore all their personal investment in their respective schools for decades.

In order to honour our karate masters, on behalf of the International Karate Federation (IFK), under the presidency of Sensei Steve Fogarasi (President of IFK Canada Kyokushin and National Representative IFK Canada), we are pleased to officially release the 5th Dan IFK Certificates to none other than Shihan Gaetan Sauvé and Shihan Real Gagnon.

This will commemorate their work over four decades which is proudly recognized by IFK Canada and IFK World.

Once again, congratulations on these well-deserved honours!

As well, at this special ceremony, Sensei Jean-Francois Verreault and Sensei Jennefer Lacroix also received their official certificates for their IFK 3rd Dan. Senpai Hubert Tremblay also obtained his 1st Dan Certificate. He is among the youngest in IFK Canada, at the age of 14, to receive his official black belt. As for Sensei Jonathan C. Hémond, he was promoted to 4th dan.

Belts and certificates were presented by none other than Sensei Steve Fogarasi. Shihan Mike Monaco took the opportunity to give a moving personal account of Shihan Réal's and Shihan Gaëtan's more than 45-year-old careers, as well as their past experiences competing, officiating and promoting Kyokushin around the world. Osu!

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