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Results from the First Canadian Shinkyokushin Championship

June 1st 2018 students from the IFK Canada Headquarters, Contact Kicks Martial Arts, competed in the 1st National Shinkyokushin Canada Championship.

Here are the results:

Tony Woo - Kata 1st, Kumite 1st Pavel Patrushev - Kumite 1st Baki Sep Hanma - Kumite 2nd Andrew Vleming - Kumite 2nd Mihai Iacob - Kumite 3rd Mel Portillo - Kumite 3rd

Congratulations to all!

Special thank you to Oleg Vainshtein for coaching and photography.

Left to right: Baki Sep Hanma Kumite 2nd place, Andrew Vleming Kumite 2nd place, Tony Woo Kata 1st place, Kumite 1st place, Pavel Patrushev Kumite 1st place, Mihai Iacob Kumite 3rd place, Mel Portillo Kumite 3rd place. Coach Oleg centre. Osu!

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