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REPORT - 29th American-International Karate Championships

On October 19th , competitors from Contact Kicks Dojo Toronto, the Headquarters for IFK Canada attended the 29th Annual American-International Karate Championships in Rochester NY, organized by USA IFKK. Our team had 12 members, 9 competitors in both divisions, kata and kumite, 1 assistant coach and photographer Oleg Vainshtein and myself as head coach and country representative. From Karate Laval, Sensei Jonathan C Hemond attended as a referee as well.

Our team performed as expected and we achieved our goals. Bellow are the results:

Adults: - Pavel Patrushev 1st kumite semi-contact; 2nd kata - Tony Wu 1st kata - Roxana Trifan 1st kata - Mici Fogarasi 4th kata - Daniel Zelentsov 2nd kumite semi-contact

Kids: - Robert Fogarasi 2nd kata - Quinlan Van 1st kata, 2nd kumite - Connor Van 1st kata - Kyla Van 1st kata, 2nd kumite - Van Family - 2nd in family kata division

For some of our competitors, this was the first time that they competed and it was great to see the level of composure, discipline and high level performance. I could not be more proud and pleased with how our team did and I would like to thank to all and each of you for being true ambassadors of our dojo and organization.

Sensei Steve. Osu!

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