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REPORT - 2019 IFK Canada Kyokushin Karate Seminar

September 17, 2019

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2019 IFK Canada Year In Review

December 24, 2019

IFK Canada is pleased to share our year in review. Over the past months, we have had many outstanding accomplishments, and while we are proud of our work in all of these areas, below are a few we are especially proud of, as we continue our efforts to boost IFK Kyokushin in Canada.


As just a few examples of our activities this year, we hosted seminars with International guest instructors and took part in many National and International events. Where our teams took place, we did IFK proud, by continuously making the podium and demonstrating the strength and skills of the organization.



IFK Americas Cup


During the weekend of March 1-3, the IFK Canada Team lead by Sensei Steve Fogarasi and Assistant Coach Oleg Vainshtein, along with Sensei Jonathan Hémond, who refereed the “Knock-down” fights, took part in the 1st IFK Americas Cup at the 43rd Battle of Columbus - Arnold Martial Arts World Games, Columbus Ohio, USA.


The team performed exceptionally, and the results reflect that:


Kata Individual

- Quinlan Van 1st Place

- Kyla Van 1st Place

- Connor Van 2nd Place

- Tony Wu 2nd Place 


 Kata Teams

- Quinlan, Kyla, Connor 1st Place


 Kumite Semi-contact

- Tony Wu 1st Place


 Kumite Full-contact

- Pavel Patrushev 1st Place




IFK World Seminar / 5th Kata IFK World Championship

IFK Canada Team had the privilege to participate in the IFK World Seminar / 5th Kata IFK World Championship 2019, organized by the organizing committee of the IFK Netherlands. This IFK international event was held at the Athletic Sports Center of Papendal, Arnhem, Netherlands, from Wednesday, April 24 to Saturday, April 27, 2019. This enriching opportunity brought together more than 28 countries around the world for the seminar and 22 countries represented at the world championship.


There were more than 100 participants at the 5th IFK kata world championship. The IFK Canada delegation was represented by Sensei Steve Fogarasi (coach and country representative), Senseï Jonathan C. Hémond (seminar and competitor), Natália Aragao (seminar), Kyla, Connor and Quinlan Van (seminar and competitors). 


IFK Canada had the youngest team with Connor being the youngest in the boys juniors division at age 12 and Kayla the 2nd youngest girls juniors division at age 14. Also Quinlan was the youngest participant at the seminar at age 10 only.

Senseï Jonathan C. Hémond ranked 32nd, Kyla place 12 and Connor ranked in the top 16! 





4th Kyokushin Seminar - Shihan Eddy Gabathuller



The 4th Kyokushin Karate Seminar, with special guest instructor Shihan Eduard (Eddy) Gabathuler 7th Dan, the national representative of IFK Switzerland, was organized by IFK Vice President Sensei Jonathan C. Hemond of Karate Laval, and sponsored by IFK Canada. We welcomed more than 75 participants and took place May 16th to 19th.


During the seminar testing to place for many Kyu ranks, black belt Dan grads.


Following their participation in this testing, some students also received their official IFK certificates and belts handed out by Sensei Steve Fogarasi, IFK Canada President and Country Representative.




A special event was also the promotion and awarding 6th Dan for Shihan Real Gagnon and Shihan Gaetan Sauve.




2019 Centre de Karate Rimouski - Summer Camp


On June 8-9, a traditional kyokushin karate summer camp was held in Rimouski, Quebec. The camp was lead by Shihan Real Gagnon 6th Dan.




2019 IFK Canada Kyokushin Seminar 



September 6-8, 2019, IFK Canada Headquarters - Contact Kicks Dojo, led by President Sensei Steve Fogarasi, hosted a seminar with Special Guest Shihan Alexey Gorokhov, 5th Dan Russia IFK.


Shihan Alexey Gorokhov is a member of the head referring comity of IFK Russia, Head of the methodology comity of the professional league of Kyokushin in Russia, with many students who are top 3 and champions of Russian, Euro and World tournaments. His own accomplishments are well known, a