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IFK Canada General Meeting - 2022

Sunday, March 27th, 2022 the Annual IFK Canada Kyokushin Organization General Meeting was held once again on Zoom. We had dojo leaders and senior rank holders in participation from Ontario and Quebec and we reviewed our activities in 2021, the current situation in our organization and also our strategies for 2022 and 2023. Some great ideas were proposed and planned. We will announce them shortly to all our members. Thank you to all dojo leaders for the continuous effort and hard work in promoting IFK Kyokushin in Canada. - Shihan Réal Gagnon - Shihan Gaetan Sauvé - Sensei Mikhail Zimerman - Sensei Pascal Hemond - Sensei Jean-françois Verreault - Sensei Denis Lyrette - Senpai Oleg Vainshtein - Senpai Scott Heaney We are very excited for our future plans and we are looking forward to our next events.

Respectfully, Shihan Steve Fogarasi IFK Canada President & Country Representative Senpai Mici Fogarasi IFK Canada Secretary General

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