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New Dojos have joined IFK Canada

We are pleased to announce that 2 new dojos have joined IFK Canada.

1. Karate Mascouche with Sensei Francois Presseault, a very successful full-time dojo from Mascouche Quebec.

We have been in touch with Sensei Francois and we observed his activities closely. After a careful review we are now pleased to announce that Karate Mascouche now is affiliated to IFK Canada.

2. Karate Kyokushin St. Fabien , Sempai Luis-Philip D'Astous

Sempai Luis-Philip has been closely working with Sensei Jeanfrancois Verreault from Karate Rimouski and it will be a very easy transition to IFK.

Thank you Shihan Real Gagnon and Shihan Gaetan Sauve for the work that you have been doing in Quebec to promote and develop IFK Canada in the region.

Welcome to IFK Canada Sensei Francois Presseault and Sempai Luis-Philip D'Astous!


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