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REPORT - 2023 British Open

Sensei Francois Presseault, from Karate Mascouche represented IFK Canada at the 2023 British Open in London, UK, alongside coach Shihan Real Gagnon on October 7th.

While this marked Sensei Francois' first participation in this prestigious event, it showcased his commitment to high-level competition and his potential for future success. Despite an initial loss, his exceptional preparation and technique lay a strong foundation for upcoming events.

In addition to their participation, they had the opportunity to visit the famous Crawley Dojo and take part in a great training session under the leadership of Shihan David Pickthall, IFK President.

Another important highlight of the event was Sensei Francois receiving his well-deserved 3rd Dan Certificate. The honor of awarding the new belt was given by Shihan Real, adding a significant milestone to Sensei Francois' martial arts career.

This achievement not only underscores Sensei Francois' leadership within his dojo and his successful business ownership but also highlights his prowess as a competitive martial artist.

Congratulations to both Sensei Francois and Coach Shihan Real Gagnon for proudly representing IFK Canada on the international stage.

Osu! - Shihan Steve

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