IFK Canada promotes the teachings of Hanshi Steve Arneil 10th Dan, who is the president and founder of the IFK. Hanshi Arneil was the first uchi-deshi ( live-in student ) of Mas Oyama and also the first one who completed the 100 Man Kumite in Japan in 1965 under Sosai Mas Oyama. 

  Sensei Steve Fogarasi 4th Dan was designated by Hanshi Steve Arneil to be the Country Representative for the IFK in Canada in 2010. Since then Sensei Steve and his dojo, Contact Kicks Martial Arts in Toronto, are working hard to establish the IFK in Canada. Sensei Steve has been affiliated with the IFK since 2005 and he was promoted to 3rd Dan in 2007 and 4th Dan in 2015 directly by Hanshi Steve Arneil.

IFK Canada is also member of KWU Kyokushin World Union

IFK Headquarters Website : http://www.ifk-kyokushin.com/ 

KWU Headquarters Website : http://www.kwunion.com/