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The benefits of becoming an

IFK Canada Affiliate


  • Membership in an established and recognized international Kyokushin Karate organization, with a legacy leading directly back to Mas Oyama.

  • Membership in an organization in which major decisions and policies are made democratically

  • Freedom from the politics that have disrupted and divided other Kyokushin organizations.

  • Standardized international teaching and grading syllabus.

  • Opportunity to attend international seminars on Kihon (basics), Kata (forms), Kumite (fighting), self-defense, teaching and tournament officiating.

  • Opportunity to compete in world-class international tournaments.

  • Opportunity to visit and train at Kyokushin dojos around the world.

  • Opportunity to build lifelong friendships with other Kyokushin karateka.

How to join

The new IFK Canada Kyokushin Organization was founded to provide a comprehensive support network to help kyokushin karate instructors and dojo owners and provide quality martial arts instruction for men, women and children.


IFK Canada works hard on developing and implementing the IFK Kyokushin method of karate training developed by Sosai Mas Oyama and Hanshi Steve Arneil. Our methods and proven syllabus, training philosophy, and well-structured classes create a positive and friendly environment to everyone!


Are you passionate about kyokushin karate and would like to dedicate your life to keeping the Mas Oyama legacy alive? Do you see yourself playing an important role in your community by establishing a kyokushin karate dojo? Do you share the same values such as respect, humility, honor, passion for martial arts and a clean and healthy lifestyle?

If “YES” this is for you….

To join, please start by filling out an Official IFK Canada Affiliation 

Certification Program

From the moment you decided to become an official IFK Canada affiliate, the challenge of excellence will be your driving force. Like the many people who came before you, your life will be partially or fully dedicated towards the accomplishment of that vision.

Therefore, it is essential to have a deep understanding of the origins of IFK Kyokushin and how its philosophy, vision, methods and tools were forged.


IFK Canada Kyokushin Organization Black Belt Certification

The IFK Kyokushin method is based on the traditional and original training system developed by Sosai Mas Oyama and Hanshi Steve Arneil's own contribution and improvement to these methods such as the IFK Syllabus.

IFK Canada will recognize and accept black belt ranks from all major official kyokushin organizations such as:

Kyokushin IKO1 , Shinkyokushin, Kyokushin-kan, Kyokushin IKO3 Matsushima, Kyokushin Union, Kyokushin Budokai.


Once the Affiliation Application was submitted there will be a face-to-face meeting and training session to asses the level of the applicant and implement the IFK Kyokushin requirements.

If a satisfactory result will be given a Affiliated Certification will be issued and the applicant will become official member of the IFK Canada Kyokushin Organization.

Being an IFK Canada Black Belt means being in an advanced stage of improving the quality of one’s life, and the lives of other’s as well, through the practice of Kyokushin Karate. 

IFK Canada Black Belts are committed to developing themselves to their fullest potential, always seeking to attain perfection of character, mind and body.

IFK Canada Kyokushin Passport

IFK Black Belt Certificate

IFK Lifetime Membership Card

Services Offered by

IFK Canada

Here are some of the services we are offering to our members:

- Testing for Kyu and Dan ranks recognized by the IFK Headquarters and all major kyokushin organizations.

- Seminars and Training Camps with highly qualified masters.

- Participation at national and international kata and kumite tournaments.

- Instructor and Assistant Instructor training and certification.

- Referee courses and certification.

- Quality equipment such as kyokushin dogi, team tracksuit, IFK badges.

- Learning materials such as Syllabus book, kata book and grading book.

- Online video lessons and tutorials.

- One-on-one mentoring and guidance.


Top 10 Reasons to Join

IFK Canada


1. You will become a member in an established and recognized international Kyokushin Karate organization, with a legacy leading directly back to Mas Oyama and under the leadership and guidance of a legendary master such as Hanshi Steve Arneil 10 Dan.

2. You will have the opportunity to attend national and international seminars on Kihon (basics), Kata (forms), Kumite (fighting), self-defense, teaching and tournament officiating with world level masters.

3. You will learn from a standardized international teaching and grading syllabus, kata book and grading requirement booklet provided by the Headquarters.

4. You will have the opportunity to compete in world-class international tournaments.

5. Freedom from politics that have disrupted the kyokushin world after Sosai Mas Oyama passed away. The IFK it is considered on of the most open kyokushin organizations in the world.

6. You will be a member of a newly reformed and young organization with leaders that have a modern view on martial arts while maintaining the core values from the traditional aspects of kyokushin.

7. You will have FREE access to train at the Headquarters in Toronto. The IFK Canada Headquarters are located in a modern private martial arts school in the biggest city in Canada. Contact Kicks Martial Arts - Sensei Steve Fogarasi 4 Dan , President of IFK Canada.

8. You will be receiving all the support needed to help you succeed with your dojo and personal training. A direct line of communication will be always available to you.

9. You will have a voice and you can get directly involved in the well functioning of our organization.

10. You will have the opportunity to build lifelong friendships with other Kyokushin karateka in Canada and all over the world. The IFK is present in more than 45 countries.

How to join
10 Reasons
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