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How do I become an IFK Canada member ?

Please read the information about becoming an affiliated member on the IFK Canada page. Send a request for the Affiliation Form to the Headquarters in Toronto.



Is IFK a true Kyokushin Karate Organization ?


Hanshi Steve Arneil, the founder of IFK was the first uchi-deshi ( live-in student of Mas Oyama ) and also the first one to be asked to complete the 100 Man Kumite , and he did it ! After moving to the UK he was many years the president of the European Kyokushin Organization.



Does IFK recognize black belts from other Kyokushin groups ?


Yes. IFK will recognize all black belt ranks from all major Kyokushin groups, however testing applications for higher ranks will be accepted only after the IFK grading requirements, syllabus and kata is learned.


Does IFK Canada have a membership fee ?

Yes. Our membership fee is $20/year per student for IFK Canada and $10/lifetime membership card for the IFK World . There is no dojo or dojo leader yearly fee ! 


Can I still participate in other Kyokushin groups events after I join IFK Canada ?


Yes. The IFK is one of the most OPEN Kyokushin groups and we not only accept collaboration with other groups, we are encouraging it.

IFK is part of the WKU - World Kyokushin Union , together with other major Kyokushin groups like KyokushinKan .




Does IFK Canada organize tournaments , seminars and training camps ?

Yes. IFK Canada is hosting yearly seminars and training camps, referee qualification seminars and belt and rank promotion events. Also national tournament for kumite and kata divisions.

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